6 Reasons To Avoid Using Nulled Plugins And Themes On WordPress

Reasons To Avoid Using Nulled Plugins And Themes On WordPress Site

Do you want to create a new blog and make a profession out of it? And you go with WordPress as your blogging platform? And now you're seeking for nulled themes and plugins to help you build your WordPress website or improve your SEO with premium plugins? This post will go over Nulled themes and plugins, as well as why you should or shouldn't use them.

One of the reasons WordPress is the most popular open source CMS right now is the variety of themes and plugins.

You can choose between free and premium plugins and themes in the directory. Premium ones, on the other hand, are expensive. Many people try to save money by downloading WordPress plugins and themes that have been nulled.

What are Nulled Themes and Plugins?

Nulled themes or plugins are pirated versions of premium themes that can be found on the internet illegally. Some websites offer these plugins for free, while others charge a little price. As a result, you may download these plugins and themes for free and take advantage of all of their paid features.

Anyone may view and modify the code in the majority of WordPress plugins and themes because they are open source. The license requirements in the themes and plugins files are sometimes removed by some developers.

The premium edition of nulled plugins and themes is a pirated version.

Premium software, on the other hand, requires a licensed key that you must purchase, whereas nulled software does not require a key because the code has been removed.

Reasons why you should avoid using nulled WordPress themes and plugins

1. Security

The code of nulled WordPress plugins and themes has been updated. You have no idea what code was modified to the original file to allow it to pass the premium barrier.

The individual selling the nulled themes and plugins is, without a doubt, editing the files. How difficult could it be to include malicious code that causes harm to the websites where it is installed?

There are some ‘trusted' nulled theme vendors, however this just implies that the person is skilled at what they do and has yet to be detected.

Basic scanners will not detect any code uploaded to the root theme files and plugins if it tries to present as a system code.

2. Web Hosting

Using pirated software is a violation of many web hosting companies' terms and conditions.

The malicious code would set off web hosting companies' firewalls and antivirus systems, quarantining the nulled plugin and rendering it useless.

If the plugins are not detected and the developers report the website, the hosting arrangement will be terminated. There will be no refunds available for any invoices or payments.

Nulled WordPress plugins and themes aren't only bad for your website; they can also hurt your server if your hosting company doesn't take the necessary precautions.

3. No updates

Themes and plugins for WordPress that are nulled do not come with any updates.

The developers will release updates and upgrades, but you will not be able to download them unless you have a valid license.

You must purchase the newest version nulled theme/plugin to get the updated theme and plugin. Alternatively, you can continue to use the old themes and plugins.

The most common cause of hacked WordPress sites is outdated plugins. That is why plugin developers are so quick to release updates. When a bug or issue occurs, they fix it and release a new version.

The WordPress platform is updated and upgraded on a regular basis. The developers of WordPress themes and plugins update their products to ensure that they are compatible with the most recent version of WordPress.

It will be hard to stay secure at WordPress if there are no quick and regular upgrades.

4. No new Features

Developers also released new features through updates, in addition to resolving bugs and correcting code faults.

Unless you upgrade to the current version of the theme or plugin, you will be unaware of the new feature.

This new feature might be a game-changer for your website or simply a new way to improve your workflow. You'll miss it in both cases.

5. Get no Support

Few people are software professionals (developers, long-time users) who are well-versed in the software in question.

When it comes to WordPress themes and plugins, the developers will assist you if there is an issue with the themes or plugins. You can reach out to them, submit a ticket, or engage in a live chat.

However, if your website crashes or any functions stop working, you won't be able to contact them because you don't have a legal license. You may not even have access to the documentation in many situations.

You're on your own and must conduct your own research in the community forums.

6. SEO

Many SAAS companies use an elegant marketing strategy of freely giving away embedded software with a link back to the main website. RevolverMaps, for example.

They don't require authorization to show the link on the website or redirect your complete website to a new URL using nulled WordPress plugins and themes.

You will not suspect anything is happening because it will work flawlessly for logged-in users.

Search engines will be able to detect SEO spam and will blacklist the domain.

Unfortunately, the domain's reputation and organic traffic will suffer as a result.

Final Thought

There is nothing comes free in this world. We don't recommend using nulled items on a live project.

I hope you enjoyed reading about nulled themes and plugins. If you have any questions, please post them in the comments area below.

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