How To Protect Your AdSense Account From Invalid Click Activity

How To Protect Your AdSense Account From Invalid Click Activity

Have you started a new blog or are considering starting one on WordPress or Blogger. And I'll be hoping to make money via Adsense. However, did you realize that Adsense has some rules? If you do not follow these rules, your Adsense account may be suspended. Invalid click is one such rule or policy. In this tutorial, we'll look at what invalid click activity is and how to avoid it.

Invalid clicks, as the name implies, are clicks that are not valid. It is Adsense in our situation, and you must avoid invalid clicks.

What is Invalid Click Activity?

When you or someone you know visits your website and clicks on the Adsense advertisements, they will appear on the page. If you click on advertising by accident, Adsense analyzes the click and removes it from your account. Because Google recognizes that while processing content, one or two clicks may be required.

However, if you make multiple intentional clicks, Adsense will investigate and penalize your account by temporarily or permanently removing it, depending on the Adsense team's judgement.

This concept holds true for other Google products as well, such as YouTube. Adsense may analyze interest things, session duration, successful landing on the ad target page, and many other criteria when you share your videos in Facebook groups and ask for an ad click.

As a result, an invalid click is described as clicking on advertising artificially or purposely in order to increase advertiser costs and publisher revenue.

However, Adsense analyzes all incorrect clicks and removes them from the publishers' accounts, ensuring that the advertiser does not lose money.

Advertisers pay Adsense to display advertising to the right customers, but if someone intentionally raises our cost and achieves no results, we won't pay Adsense any more. To prevent this problem, Adsense penalizes such publishers by suspending or permanently deleting their Adsense account.

What can be done to avoid invalid clicks?

We realized that invalid clicks are clicks that are artificially generated to boost the publisher's earnings. You can avoid this by doing the following:

1. Never ask a friend, family member, or other well-known person to visit your website and click on adverts.

2. Don't use any platform to buy traffic.

3. Even if you're interested in the ad product, don't click on your Adsense ads.

4. On the Facebook group, never request a visit. It massively reduces your website's average session time.

5. The website's bounce rate rises when visitors are forced to stay.

You can buy authentic traffic for your website from several websites or freelancers. And they offer to boost your Alexa rating, but all they do is send you spam or bot traffic. You may be aware that sending spam or invalid traffic violates Google's policy and can lead to Adsense being disabled.

You can disavow the referring domain if you observe spam traffic coming from a website. Additionally, Google Analytics can be used to analyze traffic.

What if someone clicks on my Adsense ads on intentionally? 

There could be additional reasons for invalid clicks on your website's Adsense ads. It's possible, for example, that one of your competitors is actively engaging in an incorrect click. You, on the other hand, have done nothing, but someone on your website is engaging in the bad activity.

Others' invalid click behavior is easy to spot. You'll see a significant rise in Adsense profits and CTR. Let's say your average CTR is 1-3 percent, then one day you discovered it was 16 percent. Then it's not normal; someone made invalid clicks on intentionally.

If you discover that someone is clicking on Adsense ads on intentionally, you must fill out the invalid click contact form. This application form assures the Adsense team that the publisher is honest and does not wish to profit from unethical behavior.

The AdSense team reads the form and evaluates the AdSense account based on the data given. The team then deletes all invalid clicks as well as the income earned by such clicks.

I hope you enjoyed reading about Invalid Click Activity. If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, please leave them in the comment section below. Thank you very much!

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