5 Unique Contact Us Page Form Templates For Blogger Blog - Copy HTML Code

Hi Everyone, we're here with another post. I'll  be showing you five unique Contact Us page designs Template along with their HTML code you can use on your blogger site. You just view all of the Contact Us page designs and download the HTML code for that page. Open the file in a text editor after downloading it, copy the complete HTML code, and paste it into the code section of your Contact Us page. That's all there is to it; your Contact Us page is now ready to go live. Check functionality in the web browser after publishing the Contact Us page. Enjoy getting emails from visitors to your website directly through your website.

Do you know why we require a contact page on our site?

The reason for this is simple: we frequently rely on third-party service providers, however for the following reasons, you should now use the standard official contact form on your site:

1. Receive emails straight in your inbox

You will receive the user's message immediately to your inbox whenever the user clicks the send button after filling in the fields such as name, email, and message.

2. Reliable

Because this is Blogger's official contact form, it is a more safe and reliable method of communication than using third-party services.

3. Proposals for Business

Your website visitors can use the contact form to ask specific questions regarding a blog you're writing or your business in general. This could be a great way to gather leads and possibly convert them if you're selling a certain product or service.

4. Feedback

Simply filling out your contact form allows visitors to leave comments on your blog. You can determine what to write next or what areas to improve based on visitor feedback.

5 Best Design of the Contact Us Page

I've compiled a list of the top 5 custom blogger contact form designs. Check each Contact Us page design each one and save the HTML code for the one you like most.

1. Simple contact us page design

This is a pretty basic page with Name, Email, and Message input boxes and a submit button. Copy the Contact Us Page HTML code below and paste it into the HTML code area of your Blogger Contact Us Page.

Download HTML Code

2. Rainbow Divider CSS Custom Contact Form

With CSS, you may create a rainbow effect in this form. It's a beautiful design, but you can make it even better if you like. This form also includes Blogger's regular input fields, such as Name, Email, and Message. I am confident that you will like using this customized contact form.

Download HTML Code

3. Custom Contact Us Form With CSS Ribbon

This is a highly fashionable Contact Us page with unique CSS effects. It will beautify your contact us page; if the color does not match the color of your website's contact page, you may change the CSS to fit your website's style and color.

Download HTML Code

4. Modern custom contact us page

This is a normal Contact Us page, including with icons in the input areas. This personalized contact us form will be a great addition to your blog. Your visitors will be surprised by this personalized contact form. I strongly advise you to use this contact form on your website's contact page.

Download HTML Code

5. Contact Us Form With Speech Bubble

This is one of the most attractive Contact Us Page Designs available. This contact page is used by many of our users on their blogs, and it has a beautiful design. I strongly advise you to use this form as your backup option because it will work with any website design.

Download HTML Code

How do you add a contact form on your blog?

Adding a Contact Us Form to Blogger is simple; all you have to do is follow the steps below:

Step 1: Log into your Blogger account and choose the blog to which you'd like to add a contact page.

Step 2: Option pages can be found by scrolling down the left menu. Click on it, then click on the upper left corner's New page option once more.

Step 3: Give this page's title, such as Contact Us.

Step 4: In Blogger, we have two alternatives for writing anything: we can design or write our post and page in either compose view or HTML view.

Step 5: Choose the HTML view.

Step 6: Download the HTML code for your desired contact us page from the links below and paste it into a text editor. Copy and paste the entire code into your blogger's HTML view editor.

Step 7: Publish the page and test it in your browser to begin receiving your site visitors' emails directly through your site contact form.

Final Thought

After you've added the code, click "Publish" in the top right corner. The Blogger contact form is now visible in real time on your static website. To confirm that everything is working properly, send a test message. Simply check the email address linked with your Blogger account to see if the message has arrived in your inbox.

You can choose from the above five unique Contact Us pages, each of which is great in its own right. I included the HTML code for each and detailed instructions on how to create a custom Contact Us page in Blogger. I'm hoping that this post will be really useful in helping us create our great and unique contact page.

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